Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (J.K. Spinning Mills Ltd.)

Your Company understands its corporate responsibility towards the society and fulfills its obligation by providing financial support to under privileged members of the society and its deserving employees as well as doing philanthropy work.

The Company is also contributing considerable amounts to the National Exchequer, applying solutions for energy conservation and environment protection, providing best quality products and after-sales technical services to its valued customers

Your Company regularly donates generous amounts to renowned hospitals, trusts and to various institutions constituted for dealing with natural calamities as part of its philanthropic activities.

Your Company is providing healthy, safe and learning work environment to its employees and sends them to attend training courses, seminars, workshops, and conferences both within country and abroad. It lends regular support to the special persons by offering them jobs in departments that suit them best. It also offers apprenticeship to fresh graduates, post graduates and engineers, on regular basis, to elevate their professional and technical skills

Your Company has also installed an environment friendly gas based power plant with a view to reduce power cost.

During the year, your Company contributed a huge amount to the National Exchequer by way of payment of various duties, levies and taxes.

Moreover, it produces steam as a by-product which is adequate to meet the entire steam requirements of polyester plant of the Company there by resulting in energy conservation.